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Zebragirls: Avery Jane & Scarlett Mae

Avery Jane went over to her bestie’s Scarlett's spot to meet up for lunch. When Avery showed up she overheard Scarlet chatting with her friend about her boyfriend never giving her an orgasm and the fact that she hasn't ever had one. Avery the bestie that she is told Scarlett that she can actually help her with that right now. So Avery goes down on Scarlett and proceeds to eat her pussy. Then bends Scarlet over, inserts her dildo into her and eats her ass at the same time. Then all of a sudden: Bam! Orgasm! Then Avery had Scarlett go down on her and eat her out clean. Then Avery sat on Scarletts face until she busted her nut. Both girls seemed happy and satisfied.

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