Blackmail (Fantasy) Friday

00:10:37 Forget Black Friday, I made up a holiday just for losers like you: Blackmail (Fantasy) Friday! You’re not shopping for anyone but ME. You don’t need to buy a bunch of presents for other people when you could be giving everything to the Ruler of your life. I’m so naughty, yet Goddess Luna Sapphire is the only name on your list! You can’t disobey me, because I know your most private details and I have the power to completely wreck your holiday. How do you think it’s going to feel sitting around the dinner table or hanging out at the office holiday party if I expose you to everyone? It’s so fun to watch you squirm as I play with your fear. You’ll have to give Me lavish luxurious gifts and expensive excessive offerings to keep My pretty red lips sealed. Show Me you take My threats seriously. Write Me a love letter in ca$h. Tis the season!MP4 * 149 MB * 00:10:37 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online