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Hopla p sengekanten

Adam Petersen is a workaholic who runs an international engineering firm specializing in wastewater treatment plants. His beautiful young wife May is paying the price for Adam's dedication to his work- she is lonely, boring and horny! Adam has just hired Axel Hansen as his new sales director. Axel believes that the key to the development of their fast-growing business is to entertain potential customers with wine and women, which contradicts Adam's puritanical character. Axel supplies women from the escort service of his girlfriend Maria "SubRosa". He gives Adam one of his pamphlets, which accidentally falls into May's hands. Seeing this as an exciting alternative to her unbearable life as a housewife, she soon signs a contract with SubRosa. Everything is going smoothly, as May - under her working name Eva - "accompanies" a number of male (and female) clients. Smoothly, that is, until "SubRosa" is called upon to entertain a meeting of municipal leaders... who just happen to be potential customers ...

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