Catwoman: A Cat amp; Mouse Game

00:15:02 I would love to have a cruel giantess Catwoman clip. Storyline: (backstory) Catwoman tried to break into the big vault of Gotham city bank but misses her chance when Batman and Robin stop her outside.She needs the code to the vault and Batman (Bruce) is one of the few who knows it. Batman and Robin are shrunk down to the size of mice by Jokers' shrink .Clip starts here: One night later Selina enters Schrecks office in her civilian clothes, sharp sexy office outfit. She sees tiny Batman and Robin trembling in the corner and shines up with a smile. She tells them that she’s gonna change into something more suitable for a cat and mouse game.Catwoman slowly enters the room dressed in a full latex catsuit, high latex boots. Her cleavage is wide open. Hair is now Released but with a pair of cat ears on top. Make-up is catlike around the eyes and Dark lipstick. She's wearing long shiny latex gloves but she’s not showing her claws yet. She crawls towards the corner where the two are hiding. ”Ahh, so there you are my little favourite boys. Looks like the entertainment just arrived”. She’s showing her gloved and with a metallic sharp sound she retracts her long shiny metal claws in front of little Robin. She scratches the floor in front of them with a loud sharp sound. She smiles and grabs Robin in her giant gloved clawed hand and looks at batman. ”You've got ten seconds to tell me the code before i sink my sharp claws into Robins little tiny body."Batman refuses to tell her and after a while Catwoman's patience runs out. Time to show him what happens if you try to stand in her way. She opens her right palm smiling at Robin where he’s laying in her clawed shiny hand and with her left hand she slowly sinks her claws into the Robin's soft body. Catwoman smiles at Batman while she’s licking the off of her claws. ”Don’t worry Batman, I've got bigger plans for you. I would have Robin sooner or later. He was thorn in my side, but a very delicate one.” She licks her claws again and laughs. She explains to Batman the importance to tell her the code otherwise he will end up in her cat belly. The more she thinks about it the more she likes it more than the vault money. Ending is up to you..Includes: Giantess, Supervillain, Superhero, Fantasies, Femdom POV, Latex, Vore, Claw Fetish, Glove Fetish, Shiny Fetish, Executrix, Female Domination, Catwoman, CatsuitCustom Clip Feedback: "Wow, just mind-blowing great! The build up, the fantastic effort you put into this. This was perfect, just perfect. Custom clips have shown a new level and you set the standard! Thanks again for a incredible well done, super well performed and well edited clip. And your looks and styling in that clip, just wow!Category: GIANTESS, SUPER VILLAIN, FANTASIES, CLAWS, GLOVE FETISH, LATEXMP4 * 686 MB * 00:15:02 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online