My Feet For Your Credit Card

00:11:27 Daniela had a long day in the office. All day long in her high heels and her feet are so sweaty and tired. She notices you staring at her feet and her shoes. "You like my shoes, don't you?" she says and she know perfectly guys like you. Foot fetishists like you, who worships nice girls, their shoes and especially their bare sexy feet. And Daniela enjoys when her feet are worshiped and she learned to use guys like you for her needs.You want feet? Well she needs new shoes and clothes and make up and many other things...If you'll make her happy with your money, she'll make you happy with her feet. What do you say?Maybe it will just be easier if she'll take your credit card, don't you think? Maybe she'll even leave you there some money. "But probably not." she says laughing at you while you worship her sweaty feet. They smell so nice and they are so moist and soft that you barely register Daniela is taking all your money. But that's the deal right? Her feet for your money!MP4 * 429 MB * 00:11:27 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online