Beta Sex Slave

00:13:17 I'm really sick of having to put effort into finding guys to have sex with, only to find out that they have a tiny cock, difficulty taking orders or they just fall in love with me and it gets weird. I'm looking for a select handful of reliable, well endowed betas to become my personal sex slaves and completely dedicate themselves to learning every beautiful inch of my body and how to make me cum hard. But, I don't want you to start thinking you're something special. You're not an equal to me now. You're just an object. A sex toy. Your orgasms and pleasure don't matter to me and you're going to spend every moment in between our encounters locked in chastity and keeping your body in impeccable shape for me. Are you ready to audition for this incredible and unique privilege?MP4 * 790 MB * 00:13:17 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online