Endless Ruined Orgasms

00:28:27 Custom description (written by me, contains spoilers):Natasha instructs you to stroke your cock with varying pace, teasing and edging you while she takes an item of clothing slowly stripping naked but not removing her panties, she counts you down to the ruined orgasm. The orgasm is ruined either by taking your hands away or by thumbing, placing your thumb on your pee hole and blocking the cum, could be dangerous if done a lot I've read idk. This procedure is repeated 6 times thus totaling in 6 ruined orgasms (I might have missed some). In the end she doesn't allow you to have a normal orgasm.Official description:Start jerking your cock. I'm going to ruin your orgasm today. And then I'm going to ruin another. Over and over again, teasing and stripping along the way. But for now, just focus on the pleasure. Focus on the moment, on the sweet, intense buildup. Focus on the ever building need to cum without worrying about the frustration that will follow. How many ruined orgasms will you be forced to suffer under my control? There's only one way to find out.MP4 * 783 MB * 00:28:27 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online