no one fucks with us

00:12:06 you should have been there! We annihilated those men! They thought they could attack MY secret hide out? Those men did not even know what was coming for them. They were fucked from the start. My spies learned of their plan, so I came up with an even better plan to rid those men for GOOD! They came jumping out of their helicopters with the plan to attack. From afar, I waited for the right moment to give my girls the signal to attack. Those men and their skin tight tactical uniforms haha. WTF men have to dress like comic book characters to make themselves feel powerful? Losers! And the funniest part is that they all had raging hard ons on the way down. WTF?! I don’t know of my girls realized this though, they were waiting for their time to shine.Midway down, I gave the orders, GET ‘EM GIRLS! My girls let off round after round into those stupid men who had no choice but to take it all. They never stood a chance. They were gone before their Nikes even hit the ground. Their life less bodies just floating to the ground, ah the sight of it all! That’s what they get though. So as my girls went to survey the damage, some were still alive. My girls had to end them ALL! They even started taking selfies with them! Haha I trained them good. There the men were, HUNDREDS, gone forever. NO ONE fucks with usMP4 * 586 MB * 00:12:06 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online