Slap Training

00:13:46 Time to build up your stamina. I know you are having problems with cumming too soon. You want to enjoy that feeling and when you orgasm early it ruins the moment. Don’t worry, lots of men have this issue. That’s why I’m here to train your cock. All you need is to give control over to someone that actually understands a man’s dick. This isn’t like the typical edging session. This is endurance training. As I tease you and encourage you to stroke for me, you will feel your climax cumming up, and then you will slap your face. That’s right! Slap your fucking face and ruin your orgasm. That should help you from cumming early. Whenever you feel yourself about to cum, the sting on your bruised cheek will instantly make your dick flaccid. Then, I will continue to make you stroke, getting your little woody excited like my little jerk puppet that I control. Pulling your strings and making you stroke and then hit yourself. I own that cock and I need it to last a long, long time if you ever have a chance of fucking a woman like me.MP4 * 1010 MB * 00:13:46 * 1440x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online