Spout A Loser Fountain On Your Face

00:11:03 You’re my obsessed jerk junkie. You’ll do almost anything to be allowed to jerk that dick of yours. Do you ever think about how much power I really have over you? My brain and my body are weapons used to render pathetic, horny males like you into mindless little jerk drones who are eager and ready to do anything as long as you get to spill a little worship puddle at my feet. Well if you want to cum it’s going to cost your dignity and your ego. But you don’t care, as long as you’re stroking, all of your cares are just going to melt away.Start stroking for me. Feel it throbbing in your hand as you stare at me. You begin to stop thinking, you’re lost in this moment here with me and I can make you do anything. If you want to cum you’re going to have to perform a few humiliating tasks.So first I want you to pinch your nipple while you jerk. Pinch it hard. Now stop jerking and get your toothpaste. I want you to squirt it on your dick and start stroking again, but with your other hand. Kinda feels like it’s someone else jerking you off, doesn’t it? And that toothpaste burns a bit, doesn’t it. But we’re not done, while you’re doing that I want you to stick a finger up your ass and start fucking your ass, you filthy whore.I’ll bet you’re beginning to lose your mind, forgetting where you are. Now I want you to lick your hands clean, toothpaste and ass juice lol. Look what you’ll do for me just for an orgasm. And look how hard you are. Degrading yourself turns you on so much. You’re a humiliation junkie. You’re so used to being humiliated your entire life that you’ve sexualized it. Even my verbal humiliation has your pathetic cock twitching. Your cock is completely worthless other than a tool to use to control you. You’re never going to satisfy anyone with that thing, maybe that’s why you spend so many hours tugging on it.Now stroke it again and slap your balls. I want you in pain. Again! You love being hurt mentally, emotionally and physically. Now if you want to cum, you’re going to do it on your back, spouting a loser fountain on to your face and into your mouth. Legs up in the air, dick aimed at your face and when I count you down, you’re going to give yourself a nice facial and you’re going to lick it all up. You’re going to be covered in your own slime and you’re going to lap it up like a cum slut and then you’re going to thank me.MP4 * 816 MB * 00:11:03 * 1280x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online