Dark Sorceress

00:12:55 You were doing just fine, living a normal life with a normal purpose. Then one day you were carted off from your lowly, average existence to a land of higher purpose. You and every other man that’s come into my sights have been rounded up and carted to my castle. You see, I’ve collected all of your men to serve a purpose beyond yourselves. I’ve collected you so that I may collect male energy in the pure, raw form. You see, my dark power thrives on this energy. My dark power is fed by the energy and fluid produced by your masturbation habits. Your new life will be to produce for me. Every day you will produce load after load of cum for my powerful magics. You will jerk day in and day out to feed this growing energy that I control. Once you lived a normal, banal existence. But now this thing that brings you pleasure will now bring me more power than any Sorceress before me. Get settled in.MP4 * 255 MB * 00:12:55 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online