Pay For My Bikinis, Idiot

00:05:12 I'm going to get straight to the point because I really don't have time to be dealing with you. I want more bikinis. I'm tired of wearing the same 60 or 70 or whatever, I lose track. I want more and I want you to pay for them because I shouldn't have to, should I? No. My bikinis should all be paid for by stroking losers like you. Like the one I'm wearing is so old, it's got to go. I'm sure one of you idiots will buy it off of me. You'd love to own something of mine that actually touched my body. It makes your dick just jump, doesn't it? So I need you to go to my page and send me a nice, fat tribute for a new bikini. Then maybe I might even notice you. I live by the beach so I wear bikinis all the time. I mean like every day, so I need like at least 100. I'm sure even that won't be enough. But I know you'll still be opening your wallet and jerking and spending. It must make you so horny to know that while you're at work, I'm lounging around in a sexy, tiny bikini that you paid for with your hard earned loser dollars or whatever. Just look at my ass and imagine it in a bikini that was paid for by you. It will make you feel special, it will make your dick perk right up. So go be a good boy for my bikini body and go buy me one. I deserve everything and I always get what I want. It's so easy for me to get it from you losers, you really don't have a choice. You try to run from it, but the truth is you just want to give me more and more.You'll never be able to please this body the way you want to so you'll have to settle for being a good loser by funding all my bikinis. My whole life is loser funded. Because when you're as hot as I am, you always get what you want. You'll never understand that because all you get is denied. You're going to be stroking and spending for the rest of your pathetic life. So get to it, I want to see that tribute, I want to see that you know your place as my bikini bitch. And know that while you're hard at work, I'll be relaxing in my expensive new bikini that you paid for.MP4 * 384 MB * 00:05:12 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online