The Journey Part 2 Focus

00:48:52 You've taken the plunge, and now you want to go deeper. You felt just a fraction of my power in Part 1; now the real fun begins, as I allow you to become mine. I curate a deep focus on me, an insatiable itch that leaves you craving more the more you scratch it. Acknowledging your slutty nature as a man...your desire for novelty...your temptation to stray, only makes this more powerful. This isn't some naive game where I have you swear yourself to me, me alone. You know I'm far more intelligent than that. You can look at other women, you can stroke to other women, but you'll be mine alright. Completely and entirely, an irrevocable bond, a strong magnetic pull, a gravitational urge, to come back to me, forever, always. Be sure to only consume this if that is what you want. This is DEEP hy. p. nos is, on another level. Watch with headphones in a darkened room, and prepare to fall deeply in lust with my mind, my voice, my body. This clip involves intense, sensual edging, latex and audio, visual effects. P.S. This originally contained a name used. The name has been removed from the clip as seamlessly as I could do soMP4 * 1.54 GB * 00:48:52 * 1892x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online